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     Shatter Games is one of the world's most high-tech flash gaming websites, committed to being a hub for quality flash gaming, with an emphasis on website design. As a company, we have two goals that are the foundation of our revolutionary approach to flash gaming.

1. Select only the highest quality games

2. Put them in a beautiful website

     In keeping with each of these goals, Shatter Games has set new industry standards in the way that flash gaming is presented. Unlike many other websites which often have a massive selection of mediocre work, Shatter Games presents only the highest quality games available. In this respect, Shatter Games employs a dedicated team of experts who sift through hundreds of games with a highly competetive criteria. Evaluating story line, art quality, mechanics of play, game progression, popularity, and overall funness, the team of experts settles on only a handful of flash games that make the cut. The result is that Shatter Games is one of the few websites for which we can honestly say that every page is well worth visiting. The result is an array of stunning flash games that protects you from wasting countless hours searching for video games by providing a concise hub of top-notch flash games.

     Taking our commitment to quality another level, Shatter Games has chosen to invest heavily in its website design to create a highly functional, yet attractive system. Cutting out pages of irrelevant content, Shatter Games has developed the art of organization to a precise science, once again drastically improving user experience. Furthermore leveraging the technological advances afforded by HTML 5, Shatter Games has added yet another unprecedented dimension to website design. As a result browsing through the website to find games is no longer a chore, but instead an pleasure and an integral part of the modern flash gaming experience

     In short, Shatter Games was founded with the idea of, quite literally, shattering the world of flash gaming with a whole new level of quality and style. We hope you enjoy it!